Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Appreciating The Bunny Loving!

Well thankfully, last night we all had a good nights sleep!
This morning a good friend from Leicester was coming for the morning and lunch and also another friend who also knows her was coming for morning coffee, so I made soup for lunch and apricot and pumpkin seed flapjack for our coffee.
I covered half with chocolate....purely because I only had one bar of chocolate!
Everyone said it was yummy...especially the chocolate ones!
After a  lovely few hours of catching up on family news and my friends gone, I cracked on with a few chores.
Firstly was sewing up the hole in this cute little knitted coat....
...hopefully my friend will be happy with the fix.
I found some embroidery silk that was fairly close in colour, so threaded through all the loose stitches, then did little running stitches around the hole (from the inside) pulled it all up to close the hole, then a little bit of over sewing to ensure it all stayed in place.
The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up on ironing and then putting it all away ( on the same!) then getting dinner ready.
In a bid to liven up meal times I have been going through my recipe books looking for ideas to use what I already have in the's offering was Coca Cola and Ketchup chicken!
Sounds weird I know, but it was actually ok!
You basically cook the chicken using a can of cola and three tablespoons of ketchup.
I added some lentils to make a sauce consistency, otherwise it was just runny.
It had a sweet and sour flavour so I added some pineapple.
It was ok, maybe not the tastiest dish ever...but maybe I should have added more ketchup or seasoning, but if nothing else it made a change!
This time last week we were in the middle of our bunny bonding and longing for some bunny loving to be going on.
Teen Two was really looking forward to having both bunnies on his lap...
...well this week we are really appreciating the loving that is going on....
not only happy to be together...
...but nuzzling up to each other too...
...and Teen Two is enjoying it  too as you can see!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A Family Of Insomniacs!

We are not sure if Hurricane Ophelia is to blame, due to atmospheric changes, but for some reason the entire family was still awake at 2am!
Neither Teens had managed to drop off at all, Hubby and I had nodded off, but then woke and that was that it seems.
By 3am I think I was the only one awake, which was ok as unlike everyone else, I don't need to be up by 6 or 7am!
It will be early nights for us all tonight I think!
I had a slow start to the day, although did get up as usual around 7am
I took the car for a wash, it was well overdue...and then it promptly rained!
Oh well, at least the thick dirt is off along with a few bird shots after having to park under a tree for a few days.
A friend was popping round after lunch, with her little granddaughter, so it was a fairly relaxed afternoon...
..for us anyway, but not Teen One who was led around the house by Little Miss, up and down the stairs several times, and then finally settling for some colouring.
Another rescue job was brought round, this little knitted coat, with matching dress sadly was damaged on its first wear...
...I hope I can find some yarn or embroidery silk that will be a good match, it just needs the two loops catching together to stop the hole getting bigger.
After my friend went home I went up to the hospital to see my Monday Recycled Teenager.
She was looking good, but is a little confused.
Her youngest daughter was there from up country and said her mum had been seeing me all morning!
Hopefully me really being there in the afternoon won't confirm her belief I was walking round the ward all morning!
They are awaiting the results of various tests and for the time being we all feel she is in the best place.
My back is a teeny bit better today,  I hope helped by the fact I took an hour or so out this morning to lie flat on the sofa ( not easy to lie flat and knit!)
As I wake feeling quite pain free I thought maybe that's all I need, to rest up a bit...easier said than done!
However it seems to be paying off, I just need to be careful how I move/bend/twist etc.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Seeing The Effects Of Hurricane Ophelia

Yesterday was the usual student filled Sunday and I never cease to be amazed at how much they can eat!
I clearly have Teens with small appetites....who'd have thought!!!
The Yorkshire's were rather a triumph yesterday, including the gluten free ones!
After two miserable attempts in recent weeks, I went online and found this one on the BBC Good Food website, which has 50g of cornflour added to the gluten free flour.
It seems to have made a significant improvement, they look more like Yorkshires than the recent hockey puck offerings!
They still taste a little different, and a bit too eggy for my liking, next time I may try one egg instead of two.
Teen Two had a cold one for supper and thought it was like eating an omelette!
However the recipient sang their praises and said I was too hard on myself, so that's the main thing.
The regular Yorkshires, whilst not traditional in their shape, were gi-normous and very well received!

A friend at church was a little upset that the last thing her late mother knitted for her granddaughter was starting to unravel.
I offered to see what I could do, hoping the pattern wasn't too complicated, and was relieved to see it was just the sewing up that had started to come undone!
Easy peasy to sort!
This morning I should have gone to see my Monday Recycled Teenager of course, but sadly I had a call around 7.30am from her daughter to say she was in A&E with her.
It appears she got up in the middle of the night feeling peckish ( a good sign, she hadn't eaten properly all week) but on returning to bed, thought the stairlift was at the top of the stairs, and unfortunately it wasn't so she ended up falling half way down.
Thankfully she always wears her alarm button, so her daughter was able to dash round and help.
She has no broken bones but her blood pressure is low and she has anaemia ( no surprise given her current health issues) so we are awaiting further news.
She is unlikely to be home for a few days at least.
My usual trip to Morrisons was delayed, whilst I took "delivery" of my latest Market Research package.....tissues!!
I have a week to trial them then report back.
I had planned to take Teen Two to wash the car for me, but when the sky started to turn a strange colour, and learning it was dust from the Sahara due to Hurricane Ophelia, I decided to abandon that idea  and get a small corner of the garden sorted.
This picture was taken soon after midday, and we needed to have most of the house lights on...
...particularly for Teen One who was trying to get some work done.
After his hard work clearing away garden soil, Teen Two enjoyed some chill out time with Flora, who looked chilled out herself too!
Both her and Benjy are getting along like a house on fire, which is a real treat to see, it was this time last week we had the ugly fight, we have come a long way that's for sure.
My back is taking a long time to settle, in the morning I feel little pain, but after general pottering it starts to get so painful, by the end of the day its as much as I can do to crawl up the stairs to bed!
I am hoping those pesky muscles will settle down soon.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Pumpkin Paradise!

I can't remember how many years we have been going to the annual Pumpkin Festival near Southampton, but its well over a decade that's for sure.
We never tire of this family friendly festival and its something we all look forward to.
Many of the stall holders are now very familiar to us, and one is even an ex teacher of Teen Two, she is always delighted to see him, having known him since he was six years old.
There are certain stalls that I never tire of visiting, such as this quilting stall...
...and the local Christian Fellowship always have a lovely Bible text displayed.
All things pumpkiny are celebrated...
...and worn by all...including tiny babies in pumpkin beanies and adults wearing paper maiche heads!
And just how adorable is this little one in her pumpkin babygrow!
Scarecrow Avenue is always fun to wander through, and Teen Two is feeling inspired to enter one next year!
The Fidget Spinner craze is not showing much sign of this family anyway, and Teen Two was delighted to see  a Poke Ball one for sale..."what's a Poke Ball?" I hear you all say!!
Well you have to have a Teenager to know that one!
He also bought himself a knitted trinket ( shock horror, doesn't he know I could knit it for free!)
We bought a knitted jar of Marmite from the same stall holder last year, I must admit  she has a beautiful neat tension and for the small price she charges it really isn't worth doing it myself....not often I say that now!
Probably Teen Two's favourite section is the circus skills tent...
...he was a tad disappointed the man felt the need to hold his hand on the tight rope still though!
'Elf and Safety no doubt played a part in his decision!
Along with these gourds/squash to adorn our fireplace, a couple of Christmas presents were bought, and we sampled enough chutneys, jams, honey and fudge to ensure our sweet tooths (sweet teeth didn't quite seem right!) were satisfied.
The fireplace display is starting to fill up nicely, but still needs some nice shiny conkers...I think we may  have missed the boat on that one this year sadly.
Back home I made Eve's pudding for tomorrow's dessert, the small one being gluten/dairy free.
I am off to google tips on making good gluten free Yorkshire's as I really have not cracked that one at all!

Friday, 13 October 2017

"...and they lived happily ever after!"

Last night after posting the blog, Teen Two brought the bunnies into the living room for a snuggle with him on the sofa.
We weren't sure how they would react, as this could be considered both their territory...but as you can see, they were happy to flop together!
So this morning, after an initial time in the downstairs loo, I extended the area slightly...
..and after flopping close to each other...

...they then snuggled up close to each other!
The moment we had worked so hard to see had finally happened!
I was fairly sure we had it finally cracked and the bond was made, but after the ugly incident on Monday, thought we ought to introduce the garden space gradually.
So we started off with a little used area where the dustbin is kept.
We transported them in the blue tub...swinging it gently, a suggestion made on one of the bunny bonding blogs I have been reading.
It certainly does the trick of unsettling them slightly, so they stay close to each other for comfort.
They both came out gingerly, and pretty soon felt comfortable with the area...
 so we extended it slightly so they had access to the grass...  and again they were both comfortable  with the space, so comfy that Benjy jumped clean over the fencing twice.
So in order to avoid him causing himself an injury, we decided to go for it and give them full access to the garden...
...well they were two happy bunnies...back in the garden, able to forage, hop skip and jump....together!
We observed them for quite a while, to ensure there were no nasty incidents, but it was an afternoon of two bunnies wanting to be together, where ever one went, there was the other!
Tonight will be their first night alone and we have decided not to shut them in the hutch, "just in case" and are letting them choose where they go after dark.
If there are any issues...which I honestly feel will be unlikely, then Flora ( who I think is the submissive one) will have somewhere to hide should the need arise. She can fit in under the hutch whereas Benjy is now too big to squeeze underneath.
I am hoping they will choose to snuggle up in the safety of the hutch.
We have foxes up and down our alley and neighbourhood cats who prowl around overnight, so I would rather our bunnies were safe and sound, but just for tonight we will hope our high walls keep the foxes out and having seen how angry Benjy can be, I wouldn't fancy the cats chances if they over step the mark!!
So all in all Teen Two and I are also two happy bunnies and its lovely to see the hard work of the past week pay off.
I am very thankful to the bloggers who took time to explain how to bunny bond, and glad to be the other side of it!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

More Positive Stress Bunny Bonding

Today at Parent and Toddlers it was my turn for the activity table, so I went for something seasonal...finger print leaves.
The trees are free to download from DLTK
The tots really enjoyed it!
My Monday Recycled Teenager is really not feeling great at the moment, and was a little down I felt when I saw her this week.
So I arranged with our Dear Friend who comes along on a Thursday, to drop her off there for lunch as a surprise.
Having  dropped her off, I then went home for some general housework and even  a spot of knitting!
It was then back to collect our Dear Friend and drop her home, take Grandma to the hairdressers ( she fell and sprained her ankle yesterday) then back home again.
In a bid to kick start the diet, I have been back on the Wii Fit, but really shouldn't have been so adventurous as I have reignited the pain in my back ( just a pulled muscle I am sure) so its been a painful afternoon!
The bunny bonding progressed to the downstairs loo.
Initial signs were good when they were happy to eat from the same bowl....and not only that, there was no nipping from Benjy at any stage.
I was confident enough to leave them alone, but always in ear shot.
I was able to do basic chores in the kitchen and conservatory, popping my head over the counter every so often to check all was well...
...and was thrilled to see Benjy flopped out...a sure sign of feeling relaxed!
And pretty soon Flora was also flopped out, albeit in  different place, at least they felt comfortable in each others presence, and the non stop chasing and biting has stopped.
We have yet to see them actually grooming each other, but we are certainly in a better place than at the beginning of the week!!